Sunday, September 1, 2013

13 Months and Counting!!

All I can think is WOW where has the time gone... I feel like our life is as busy as can be. Two mobile 1 year olds that are in to everything!! This definitely leaves me behind on my blog posting and having the free time to keep everyone caught up. Hopefully I can start making some time for blogging to keep everyone posted on our rapidly growing boys.

Both of the boys are doing great!! We celebrated their first birthday on July 17 and I just can't believe that it has already been a year. The boys had a great party and we were able to celebrate it with lots of close friends and family. They got TONS of gifts and our living room is now more like a toy store!! We are so grateful for everyone that came and helped us celebrate their special day!!

 They had their first check up with Dr. Meyer and that was an adventure to say the least. Ronnie had to work so I took them and needless to say Ronnie will be joining me at all the next appointments to come (or someone will be, lol). They each had to have 4 shots and then blood drawn. We handled the shots okay since I had their bottles waiting for distraction... but once it came down to the blood being drawn there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Between them being upset what was going on and Mommy being upset from having to bear hug them and hold them so they couldn't move we both had tears. I will never forget the looks on their little faces, broke my heart!! Other then those circumstances they both checked out great. We have to keep them on formula till their actual due date and then we will transition to whole milk. They are both in the 90% percentile for weight and height if you adjust their ages back the nearly 3 months. Westyn weighed 21lbs and Wesley 20lbs. Both are the same length 23 inches long.

We also just did another video shoot for March of Dimes and continuing to tell our story in hopes of further research and findings to prevent prematurity. Hopefully once I get the finalized video I will be able to share it with everyone. I always love telling out story even though it never fails to bring back the memories and the tears begin to flow, but I always just hope that it will possible help just one family not have to go thru what we did. It also makes me so thankful for our outcome and that God was watching over us because it could have so easily gone in a different direction.

Westyn is VERY active. He is almost walking and takes a few steps on his own so we are thinking anytime now he is just going to take out. He loves to CLIMB and get on the couch and coffee table. He loves attention and wants to be around you and have your full attention in site. He loves to give kisses. Whenever I am eating or drinking you can guarantee he is right beside me and letting me know he would like some. He is still on baby food, but we are experimenting with table food. He is definitely been my challenge in trying to determine what he will and wont eat. He only has 2 teeth so far and I believe that has a lot to do with not being able to fully go to table food. He is definitely going to be strong willed and keep us on our toes.

Wesley is laid back and just goes with the flow. He is so loving and plays so well by himself... that is until his brother comes and takes his toy away and then it's off to the next one. We did get the cutest video of Wesley deciding to take charge against Westyn and fight back for his toy. I always tell people if I had 2 of Wesley my life would be too easy, lol - but I wouldn't trade either one of them for the world!! Wesley isn't as excited about table food he still loves his baby food and doesn't mind just eating that. He still isn't holding his own bottle. I guess he just likes to be pampered and relax when he has that. He has 3 teeth and we are thinking the 4th isn't far behind. He hasn't taken as many steps on his own. He will walk from the coffee table to the couch some, but not as much as his brother. Which I am totally fine with because the thought of 2 walking toddlers scares me!!

I am now staying home with the boys more as I am able to work from home. I have left Germania and am working for Dwayne. I commute to Austin 2 days a week and then work from home the other 3 so I am able to keep the boys with me on those 3 days and enjoy watching them grow up. I am very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to helping Dwayne grow his business!

We continue to LOVE watching them grow and develop. There is never a day that goes by that they don't do something that amazes us and that makes us so proud as their parents. They both love BATH time and I believe that by the time it's time to get out Mommy has had a bath as well with all the splashing. They also LOVE being outside. The wagon that my parents got them for their birthday is a HUGE hit and we use it daily!! We are so thankful for such healthy baby boys and wouldn't trade them for the world and can't wait to continue to watch them grow and develop. I am hoping to try to update the blog more in the future!! Till next time! :) 

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