Sunday, September 1, 2013

13 Months and Counting!!

All I can think is WOW where has the time gone... I feel like our life is as busy as can be. Two mobile 1 year olds that are in to everything!! This definitely leaves me behind on my blog posting and having the free time to keep everyone caught up. Hopefully I can start making some time for blogging to keep everyone posted on our rapidly growing boys.

Both of the boys are doing great!! We celebrated their first birthday on July 17 and I just can't believe that it has already been a year. The boys had a great party and we were able to celebrate it with lots of close friends and family. They got TONS of gifts and our living room is now more like a toy store!! We are so grateful for everyone that came and helped us celebrate their special day!!

 They had their first check up with Dr. Meyer and that was an adventure to say the least. Ronnie had to work so I took them and needless to say Ronnie will be joining me at all the next appointments to come (or someone will be, lol). They each had to have 4 shots and then blood drawn. We handled the shots okay since I had their bottles waiting for distraction... but once it came down to the blood being drawn there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Between them being upset what was going on and Mommy being upset from having to bear hug them and hold them so they couldn't move we both had tears. I will never forget the looks on their little faces, broke my heart!! Other then those circumstances they both checked out great. We have to keep them on formula till their actual due date and then we will transition to whole milk. They are both in the 90% percentile for weight and height if you adjust their ages back the nearly 3 months. Westyn weighed 21lbs and Wesley 20lbs. Both are the same length 23 inches long.

We also just did another video shoot for March of Dimes and continuing to tell our story in hopes of further research and findings to prevent prematurity. Hopefully once I get the finalized video I will be able to share it with everyone. I always love telling out story even though it never fails to bring back the memories and the tears begin to flow, but I always just hope that it will possible help just one family not have to go thru what we did. It also makes me so thankful for our outcome and that God was watching over us because it could have so easily gone in a different direction.

Westyn is VERY active. He is almost walking and takes a few steps on his own so we are thinking anytime now he is just going to take out. He loves to CLIMB and get on the couch and coffee table. He loves attention and wants to be around you and have your full attention in site. He loves to give kisses. Whenever I am eating or drinking you can guarantee he is right beside me and letting me know he would like some. He is still on baby food, but we are experimenting with table food. He is definitely been my challenge in trying to determine what he will and wont eat. He only has 2 teeth so far and I believe that has a lot to do with not being able to fully go to table food. He is definitely going to be strong willed and keep us on our toes.

Wesley is laid back and just goes with the flow. He is so loving and plays so well by himself... that is until his brother comes and takes his toy away and then it's off to the next one. We did get the cutest video of Wesley deciding to take charge against Westyn and fight back for his toy. I always tell people if I had 2 of Wesley my life would be too easy, lol - but I wouldn't trade either one of them for the world!! Wesley isn't as excited about table food he still loves his baby food and doesn't mind just eating that. He still isn't holding his own bottle. I guess he just likes to be pampered and relax when he has that. He has 3 teeth and we are thinking the 4th isn't far behind. He hasn't taken as many steps on his own. He will walk from the coffee table to the couch some, but not as much as his brother. Which I am totally fine with because the thought of 2 walking toddlers scares me!!

I am now staying home with the boys more as I am able to work from home. I have left Germania and am working for Dwayne. I commute to Austin 2 days a week and then work from home the other 3 so I am able to keep the boys with me on those 3 days and enjoy watching them grow up. I am very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to helping Dwayne grow his business!

We continue to LOVE watching them grow and develop. There is never a day that goes by that they don't do something that amazes us and that makes us so proud as their parents. They both love BATH time and I believe that by the time it's time to get out Mommy has had a bath as well with all the splashing. They also LOVE being outside. The wagon that my parents got them for their birthday is a HUGE hit and we use it daily!! We are so thankful for such healthy baby boys and wouldn't trade them for the world and can't wait to continue to watch them grow and develop. I am hoping to try to update the blog more in the future!! Till next time! :) 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

7 Months old - Oh My!!

Boy oh Boy how time is flying right by. I can’t believe the boys will be 7 MONTHS on Sunday. It really is unbelievable how fast time flies with little ones. I always remember hearing everyone say that, but you never think it is true till you experience it yourself. The boys are both doing awesome. I couldn’t be happier. They got their last RSV shot this month and will be getting their 2nd flu shot tomorrow. Wesley is does not like shots at all – where Westyn takes it like a champ! Westyn cries for a few seconds, realizes his pacifier is in his mouth and is perfectly fine. Wesley on the other hand… Has his moment and it takes me a few minutes to calm him down and then his look is just priceless with his “bug eyes” and his concerned look as to why do you keep doing this to me!! At that appointment the boys weighed in at Westyn: 16lbs 12oz and Wesley: 15lbs 4oz. You can really tell a difference in their weights when you pick them up. Wesley feels like a feather compared to Westyn.
They are both rolling over. Westyn really gets around. We have caught him under a chair and under our coffee table. He also moves from one end of his crib to the other (side to side / tummy to back). Wesley moves just as much as well. He starts on a blanket and ends up turning till he is completely off. They both still love to suck on their fingers. Wesley especially loves to have his fingers in his mouth. He also loves to have a blankie to suck on. His poor cheeks stay chap because of his slobber, so we put Vaseline on them to help keep the moisture off. Westyn has found his feet and loves to hold on to his legs and try to get his toes in his mouth. If Wesley is close he is trying to lick him or give him love. Wesley isn’t too thrilled when Westyn bothers him – he is more content on his own. They are both starting to babble and their crying has gotten louder with time!! They will definitely let you know when they need something or want your attention. They are getting to be so much fun and their little personalities are so different from each other.
They continue to keep us very very busy… between the feeding, diaper changing, and playing we are constantly on the go. They are both eating around 6-8ozs at each feeding. Ronnie and me laughed the other day at how we used to think 2 ounces of milk was SOOO much and now they are triple that!! We have also started them on baby food and they are having no issues enjoying that. It’s fun to see how they react to each food once it is introduced to them. I have started them on just veggies and haven’t done any fruit yet. The only thing we have tried so far that they did not like was avocadoes.  Our next step is purchasing some highchairs so we can get them sitting up instead of using their loungers to eat. They are starting to get harder to feed that way because they want to grab at everything, especially Westyn. I definitely think Westyn is going to be our instigator (like his daddy)!!
I have also started up a team for March of dimes – March for Babies that takes place on April 20th. The cause is very important to me and my family because it touches on premature labor. Premature labor is a very scary thing and that day plays back in my head all the time of what happened and what caused me to go into labor at just 28 weeks gestation. It’s my hope that being the ambassador family for March for babies helps raise awareness for this great cause and can help at least one person not have to go thru what we did. The whole experience is a scary one and no one should ever have to experience it. I never in my life thought that I would have gone into labor so early and had to experience the whole NICU process. We did meet some amazing people along the way and I have now had the opportunity to be involved in so many things to help raise awareness that it’s a life changing experience. I am trying to get donations to go towards this great cause and help raise awareness.. If you are interested in donating you can contact me direct or visit my team page. My cell (979) 203-0786 or email – our team page - any donations are greatly appreciated!! If you are interested in joining my team or creating your own team and walking for a great cause contact me and I can get you in the right direction.
As always please continue to pray for the boys that we continue to make it thru this cold season with no sicknesses and that the boys continue to flourish as they have been doing!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

6-Months Old

The last few weeks have been quite hectic for us. We have been super busy with the new year. The boys are both doing great and continuing to grow at a rapid pace. We enjoy them so much and love all the new things they are beginning to do and the interaction with them.

Westyn has rolled over from his back to his tummy.. and of course once I got the camcorder he decided he wasn't going to do it again, but at least me and Ronnie both got to see him do it. Nawna (Darleen - the boys sitter) said the other week that she had left the room for a short second and when she came back Westyn had rolled from his tummy to his back. So watch out!! Wesley is not far behind. He gets on his side, but just hasn't got that final ump to get over from one side to the other. They are both doing good with tummy time. Westyn can hold his head up a little better and that is why he rolled over first the pediatrician told us. They are both starting to giggle and that is the cutiest thing ever. Daddy can really make Westyn laugh.

They have both found their fingers and love to suck on them and put them in their mouths.  Westyn is going to be our talker and singer and just coos and mumbles while he has his fingers in his mouth. Wesley is determined to see how much he can get in his mouth and then ends up choking his self..

We took the boys on Friday to their 6-month check up and Dr. Meyer said they are really doing great considering that they were born at 28 weeks gestation. I was so pleased to hear that. Everything checked out perfect. I told her we had started them on cereal/oatmeal and she said that was perfect and that we can now introduce them to baby food.. So today I spent time making some sweet potatoes and we will be trying that out this week!! They also graduated to big boy formula!! WOOHOO!! No more Neosure.. we are now on to regular formula. So we are super excited about that. They downfall to the appointment was shots.. of course that is never fun. They got 4 shots and then 1 liquid dose for their immunizations (this included the RSV shot). We are taking them back this week to get their flu shots.

Westyn - 15lbs 7oz (25 3/4 long)
Wesley - 14lbs 2 oz  (26 long)

On Saturday we had our free photo session from Preemie prints that was done by Ashley with Fig-Mint Photography. She was awesome and did a great job. She has posted some preview pictures and they are absolutely amazing. They were done at our house and she really captured some awesome pictures. Here is the link to check out what she has posted on her site.

Awhile back I had posted about my phone interview with Insite magazine and our article was in the January issue. So here is the link so you can read what was written.

I really hope everyone is having a great 2013 so far. I know we are truly blessed and we are enjoying each and every moment with our sweet boys. As always, please keep the boys in your prayers for them to stay healthy during the cold season and continue to grow and prosper!  I couldn't get my pictures to upload this time - bummer... but there is some under the website that Ashley took that are the most recent so hope you enjoy!! :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 months!!

I feel horrible that I haven’t been able to update my blog in sometime now!! It has been absolutely crazy with all the holidays and being crazy busy at work. The boys are doing great and growing so fast!! I can’t believe they are 5 months now (as of December 17th). They are continuing to grow rapidly and are already eating us out of the house.
Thanksgiving was super exciting because the boys got to help spread the word that they are going to be BIG COUSINS!! We are so excited that Ronnie’s twin brother and wife (Russell and Morgan) are expecting their first child on July 3rd. We are all anxious to hear if we are expecting a niece or nephew!
We started the boys on Rice Cereal and Oatmeal. Yes, I have to do both. Westyn loves the Oatmeal and Wesley likes (or is debating on it) the rice. They started drinking more and more at night and Dr. Meyer had told me to watch their tongue movements and if they pay attention to us eating and then we could try on cereal so once they started gulping down the formula at night and wanting 8-9 ounces I decided it was worth a shot to try out the cereal. So Westyn was first and he did really good and is continuing to eat eat eat. Wesley on the other hand, he is still not too sure about it all. He definitely does not like the oatmeal, but prefers the rice. So we shall see how it continues to go.  Daddy even helps feed and Westyn thoroughly enjoys it as you can tell in the pictures. J
The boys are continuing to receive their monthly synergies (shots) for the RSV preventatives. Wesley was not a happy camper at his last appt about 2 weeks ago. He was pretty upset with the nurse and mommy. Westyn took it pretty well. He just cried for a minute until he realized his paci was in his mouth and he got settled.  At that appt their weights were Westyn: 14lbs 4ozs and Wesley 13lbs 3ozs. Yes, we have two chunky monkeys!
Their personalities are starting to really blossom. Westyn smiles all the time and LOVES attention. He loves to play patty cake and be sung to. Wesley is more of our quiet baby. He does like the attention, but normally is more content just on his own. They both love their floor gym and are hitting at the objects that hang down and look at the lights that flash. Their mobiles in their cribs are also a huge favorite when we lay them down at night to go to bed. They have both found their hands and fingers. Wesley likes to suck on his outside of his hand and Westyn likes to stick his fingers in his mouth. They both are focusing really well and will follow you and notice when you leave the room.
Christmas kept us super busy. It felt like we were on the go all weekend long, but it’s always nice to be around family. We did have to take the boys in to the doctor on Monday, Christmas Eve, because they were both congested and like I told Dr. Meyer I am probably overreacting, but with them being preemies I wanted to be safe. She said they just had a cold and to keep doing what we were doing and it just has to run its course. So we are trying to keep them bundled up and inside as much as possible. So on Monday their weights were 14lbs 11oz and Wesley 13lbs 8ozs.
The boys will head back to the doctor in January for their 6-month check up, which I can’t believe 6-months already!! They aren’t going to be too excited because they will be receiving their monthly shots along with the RSV preventative. Daddy has been told that he is required to be at this appointment because I have a feeling we are going to have two upset little boys.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Four Months Old!!

Boy how time is flying by… I can’t believe the holidays are already here and the boys will be 4 Months old on Saturday!!
The boys are continually to grow at a rapid pace!! We went for their four month check up yesterday and they both check out good. Wesley does have a little flat spot on his left side, he seems to favor lying and looking towards the right side, so we are going to have to work on him laying/looking more towards his left side. If all fails he will have to wear a helmet that is designed to shape his head. I am hoping that if we just work with him we won’t have to go the route of the helmet. They both got their second round of the RSV preventative shot and then two additional vaccines. They were not happy at all about the shots, but they just cried for a few minutes and then they settled right down and took a nap.
Westyn – 12lbs 14oz – 23 inches long
Wesley – 11lbs 12oz – 22 inches long
Both boys are in the 95th percentile
We stopped by after the doctors visit yesterday to visit our 2 favorite NICU nurses yesterday, Suzanne and Cindi. It was nice to see them again and be able to have them interact with the boys and see how much they have grown and are continuing to grow. Like they said you would never be able to tell at this point that they are preemies.
I went back to work last Monday and the boys are now at the sitter’s. They seem to be adjusting just fine and already love their sitter. The first day wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I did miss them like crazy and I still do miss spending all day/night with them. I think that the first day wasn’t as bad for me since I had to already leave them when they were in the NICU.
I was also contacted by the hospital to see if we would be interested in being the Ambassador family for March of Dimes in 2013 and then also to give a phone interview to Insight Magazine about our NICU experience. I did the phone interview on Monday and that will be published in the January issue. So I am excited to see how it turns out. The March of Dimes takes place in April for March of Babies and we will be speaking at the event along with other events that may come up during the year next year. I am so excited about this and to be able to share our story. It will be a great memory to have and for the boys to look back on someday.
Westyn is starting to stay up more and loves attention from Mommy and Daddy. Whenever you talk to him or play patty cake he just smiles and tries to laugh. He is more alert and loves to just look around and see what is going on. At this point I think he will be our more active boy.  

Wesley is still a little more laid back. He still enjoys his sleep and loves to eat. If he isn’t doing either of those he sometimes has trouble figuring out what to do with himself. He does enjoy lying on his floor mat and looking at the toys and lights. I have also noticed him paying more attention to the fan and lights. He loves to be held and cuddled. Ronnie always says he is such a mommy’s boy, which is perfectly fine with me. J
Until next time.. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!! As always keep the prayers coming that the boys stay healthy during the upcoming cold months!!

Westyn wasn't too thrilled about taking a picture for daddy's birthday..

Friday, October 19, 2012

Three Months Old...

Well the time is most definitely flying by. The boys are growing so fast that it seems like I have just blinked my eyes and their three month birthday is here and now gone. My time is very consumed with the boys. Westyn is starting to want to stay up more during the day, but he is really good when he is up. Normally he just lays on his play mat or swings in his swing and looks around. Wesley on the other hand loves his sleep. He will normally take his bottle and then about 30 minutes after is fast asleep. They are both starting to squiggle around. We have wedges in their cribs to help keep them elevated, but they are starting to really move around in their cribs. Wesley will normally start up and down how I place him and then when I go to get him out he has managed to get out of his swaddle and sideways in the crib.

I am not sure if I had put on here the final results from ECI development, but they came out to evaluate the boys with the therapist this time and they said the boys look great and they don't see anything we should be concerned about. This means that the boys didn't qualify, which is a good thing!! They will keep up with us every couple of months to make sure we have no concerns. So we were blessed with these results.

The boys also had a very special day last Saturday. They were baptized at Grace and we are so thankful for the family and close friends that were there that day to help us celebrate this. The boys still can't take too much passing around from person to person so it's mostly just look and see. They were a little whinny that afternoon, but got back into their normal routine quickly.

I took the boys this week to spend some time with their babysitter, Mrs. Vierus, while I went to get my hair done for the wedding. The boys seemed to take to her very good from what she said. I trust her completely and so I have no problems leaving them with her (even though I do miss them while I am not around them). I really think we are so blessed to have her watching the boys because she has been around our family for a long time and I know she is awesome with kiddos and will spoil the boys tremendously!! I am so grateful that she is starting to keep the boys here and there for me so I can get some things done before I have to go back to work on November 5th (which I am dreading). I could really be a stay at home mom!! lol, but the bills come first.. and we our goal is to build our house next year so I am keeping that all in mind and will be heading back to work.

We finally got word from health insurance that they boys were approved for the RSV preventative vaccine. So we went this past Wednesday and got the first go round of it. They both did really good. Just a short cry/whimper and then once I gave them their pacifiers they were good to go. We had to stick around the doctor's office for 30 minutes so the nurses could make sure there wasn't any reactions, which there wasn't, so they sent us home. They will continue to get a shot a month until March possibly April. This just helps them fight off the cold/flu since their immune systems are still weak. So we are very thankful they were approved for this especially before Melvin's wedding tomorrow so we can take them with us.

At the doctors office they had to weigh the boys to see what amount of vaccination they needed. I was thinking oh they are probably around 9 pounds at this point, but boy was I WRONG!! lol - when they nurse said their weights I had to have her repeat it thinking I misheard her.
Westyn - a big 10lbs 8 oz
Wesley  a big 9lbs 12 oz
So we have some growing boys that is for sure. I had just opened two boxes of size newborn diapers that go up to 10lbs the other day to fill up my drawer with so I am hoping I can get use out of them before they get to small and have to move to size 1's.

The boys have also moved up in some of their clothes to 0-3 months. They were in newborns in everything, but now have started to outgrow certain things. I am so excited to get them all dressed up for my brothers wedding tomorrow, and are so happy to be able to share this special day with them. I will have to post some pics on the next post.

I believe that is mostly what has been going on. I am sure I will submit the post and think of other things, but those were the most recent updates.

As always, we want to continue to pray for the boys and hope they continue to grow as well as they have been and that we make it through the cold/flu season without any sickness.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Due Date - We are now Term!

I can't believe that today is my actual due date and the boys are already 11 weeks old. Boy how things can definitely be out of ones control. I was so determined to make it as long as possibly with the plans, but God had other plans for us. The last couple of weeks have been great. The boys are doing wonderful and we are adjusting to their every need. I really am so blessed with the schedule they are on. I know I have said this before, but it really has been so nice. They are sleeping for about 3 1/2 hours after each feed and feeding normally every 4 hours.. give and take. They are doing really well at night. They surprised me Tuesday of this week and went from 7:30p-1:30a.. which was so nice. I was hoping that would stick, but last night they only went from 7:30p-12:30a.. which isn't bad, I am definitely not complaining.

Westyn is our active child I guess you would say. He likes to fight his sleep after his 7:30p feed so normally he wont go to sleep till around 9p or so and then I normally have to wake him up once Wesley wakes up for their feed at 12:30a.

I have gotten pretty good I would say at mastering the multi-tasking of feeding them together. The downside is that we are no longer trying to nurse. It just became impossible for me to do it since Westyn wasn't truly latching and Wesley showed no interest. I am still pumping so they are still receiving my milk. Which I figured is the most important thing. I am planning on continuing to do it this way until they are atleast 4 months, but hoping I can make it till they are 6 months and then we will switch them over to strictly formula.
Wesley and his first shots bandaid
 Westyn and his first shots bandaid
Holding hands

We had two ladies come out from ECI that is a group that looks at the development of children from birth to age 3. They were really positive about how the boys look and don't think that they will be a candidate in needing to receive any therapy or developmental assistance. The main reason for their visit last week was to inform us of the program and then they are coming back out next week to actually evaluate the boys. If they don't qualify at this point then they will come back out in a couple of months once the boys are developing more and check to see if they are on track.

Shannon came out to do their newborn pictures which was quite the adventure. Let's just say the boys didn't want to corperate. So she had to come out a second time and luckily she was able to snap a couple of pictures so I am excited to see how they turn out! I am hoping as they get older it will be a little easier. Right now you just want them to sleep for the pictures, but they must know what is going on and they decide they just wanted to stay awake.

My sister in law came over to visit last week and brought Jack with her.. It was so crazy to see how much bigger he is then the boys. He is weighing about 14lbs which is about twice the size of the boys and he is just a month older. I was so excited to finally get them together and take their picture. Grandpa came over and couldn't resist getting a picture together with all 3 of them.

I am unsure of their weights at this point, I will try to jump on a scale (which I dread) and see if I can manage to get a rough estimate. I have a feeling they have to be reaching 8lbs, but we wont have a for sure measurement again until we go for their 4 month check up in November.

We have a busy couple of weeks coming up. They boys are getting Baptized and then my little brother Melvin is getting married. I am so excited for all the upcoming events. It will be such a blessing to have them finally baptized and share that with close family and friends.. and then the next week my little brother is getting married, which we are all so happy for him and
can't wait to help him celebrate his special day.

The boys with their future running buddy - Bradley

Until next time - keep the prayers coming!!